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Help Your Staff Beat The January Blues

It’s no secret that staff in all types of organisations can struggle at work after the Christmas period. Some can be anxious about returning after time off or may have had a less than relaxing time with family. Others may be feeling the effects of overindulging. With Christmas being ever more expensive, many staff can come back to work feeling stress about upcoming bills.

All of this can seriously affect the way staff do their jobs: both absenteeism and presenteeism can increase after Christmas, meaning problems for the organisation they work for. Their tasks will take longer to achieve, their teams will be negatively affected, and their organisation’s aims and objectives will be delayed and obstructed.

Put simply, January can be tough for staff and disruptive for companies. This does not have to be the case, though: organisations can act to help their staff deal with the stress that the Christmas period brings.

One way is to provide counselling for those most seriously affected. Though this may appear an unnecessary expense, it is far more costly if staff continue to perform poorly due to anxiety. Helping staff access counselling means that they recover quicker and their organisation suffers far less disruption. This ensures that as little productivity is lost as possible and saves money in the long run.

Another way is to ensure staff are prepared for the problems and stresses that Christmas brings. The right training can mean that staff are better able to handle what can be a difficult time of year and are happier when they return to work afterwards.

At Renewal Counselling and Training Ltd., our experience and commitment mean that we are well placed to provide your staff with the training and counselling that is right for them. We can’t stop the problems Christmas can bring, but we can give your staff the tools to cope better and feel better, with the resulting benefit to your organisation.

To find out more, please email us at or call us on 0114 4372417. We’re looking forward to discussing how we can help.

Mike Drabble